True Nature Botanicals

This natural brand is rethinking fragrance, and we couldn’t love it any more

In a sea of celebrity perfumes and generic scents, it’s refreshing to see a fragrance brand that’s truly all about being fresh and unique – and completely toxin free. Blasting the myth that natural can’t also be luxe, True Nature Botanicals features three solid perfumes that only feature real fragrance notes; Noble Citrus with Bergamot, Orris and Cypress; Noble Floral, featuring Rose, Jasmine and Tuberose; and Noble Woods, comprising of Vetiver, Amber and Labdanum.

What makes the scents special is the stunningly luxe packaging. Each solid perfume is housed in sturdy silver housing; light enough to carry around in your purse, but heavy enough to have a weight to it. The brand explains that unlike most fragrances, they chose to feature their scents in solid form because of the lingering effect that warming up a solid texture with your fingertip gives and applying directly to your skin gives to a scent. Simply put, even a light application to your pulse points brings a long-lasting, all day effect.

If you’ve grown weary of mass-produced fragrances, these are the perfumes to restore your faith in beautiful scents. Noble Citrus smells light and spring-fresh, without overpowering your senses with the citrus theme. Noble Floral feels soft and womanly, without being overwhelmingly feminine, while Noble Woods has a distinct cologne effect to it, but feels like a scent you’d wear when you just want a naturally chic eau about you.

Images by TN Botanicals