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The Ultimate Organic Guide To Manhattan Dining

There are a lot of places to eat in New York City—so to help you make decisions, we’ve pared things down, highlighting some of Manhattan’s best organic and all-natural restaurants to meet your every gastronomic need.


The Green Table

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Nestled in the middle of the bustling Chelsea Market, The Green Table is a cozy farm-to-table restaurant founded by Mary Cleaver, owner of The Cleaver Co. Event Planning and Catering. The restaurant opened in 2003 and was expanded to 45 seats and a full bar in 2010.
The menu changes not only seasonally, but daily, centered around the freshest ingredients at the farmers market—so it’s sure to be a high-quality and delicious meal.
It’s a safe bet to make reservations, especially for lunch, although I’ve gone on several occasions and have had an equally enjoyable experience seated at the bar. As far as dining options go, it understandably skews towards upscale, but this is a testament to the amount of care that goes into planning the menu. In all, The Green Table is a great place to take a date or to celebrate an evening with friends and family.

75 Ninth Avenue,  New York, NY 10011, USA
t. 212-741-6623



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If you’re really hungry—and I mean really—Westville is certain to fulfill your needs. Offering up an eclectic menu that varies from the Asian-inspired Salmon Teriyaki to their legendary Mac n’ Cheese, the richness of the flavors is surprising considering their no-nonsense approach to delivering simple, healthy dishes to the masses.
While everything from the burgers to the brunch is delicious, something that is pretty unique to Westville is their varied selection of market sides, such as the fried plantains, roasted brussel sprouts, and grilled fennel, to name a few. Only the Hudson street location accepts reservations, so be prepared to wait for a table—you’ll be glad you did.

210 W 10th Street, New York, NY 10014, USA
t. 212-741-7971
t. 212-741-4780
For further locations check Westville website:



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With its launch in 2009, Bareburger turned the concept of ‘organic’ on its head. While words like ‘organic’ and ‘all-natural’ tend to conjure images of leaves and bird food, Bareburger serves up a menu of hearty burgers, with options ranging from standard fare to vegan friendly, even to the exotic, such as elk and ostrich. Pro tip: Their milkshakes are insane—I recommend the Banana Foster!
The atmosphere can best be described as laid-back and unassuming. This could be due to the fact that the Bareburger team fully commits to being sustainable: each of the Bareburger restaurants is built using recycled materials, like reclaimed wood and recycled tin barn siding.

463 N. High Steet, New York, NY 10003, USA
t: 614-706-4790
For further locations check Bareburger website:


Dig Inn Seasonal Market

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Founded in 1997, Dig Inn set out to prove that eating healthy was more than just the bland, “joy-free” cuisine that is all too often associated with dieting and being healthy. The company embraces a set of six core values including: transparency, respect, accountability, improvement, focus and balance, which has allowed them to produce a menu of healthy, nutritionally dense dishes at an affordable price.
The concept is simple: Build a plate by choosing four of the various meats, grains, and vegetable sides. The combinations are endless, and no equation is wrong—regardless of what you pick, you can be sure that it’ll taste good and keep you sated for hours to come. Plus, with seven locations strategically scattered throughout Manhattan, Dig Inn’s fast-casual environment caters to a working crowd, providing a healthy alternative to the greasy and decadent lunch options that often surround large office complexes.

17th East 17th Street, New York, NY 10003, USA
t. 212-253-7676
For further locations check Dig Inn website:


Blossom on Carmine

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When I think of tapas, my mind jumps to images of delicious chorizos and nibbles shared among friends. While this is not a decidedly un-vegan-friendly environment, dining out in general can be tricky when you’ve sworn off the consumption of any animal products. Thus enters Blossom on Carmine, founded by Ronen Seri and Pamela Blackwell in 2005 before veganism had become as widespread as it is today.
Blossom on Carmine focuses on small plates for sharing, with options like croquettes and seitan sliders. However, if sharing isn’t quite your thing, the Blossom family has three other restaurants throughout Manhattan ranging from upscale dining to casual bistro.

41 Carmine Street, New York, NY 10014, USA
t. 646-438-9939
For further locations check Blossom website:


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