Susanne Kaufmann: Alpine Beauty Treats

Having spent her childhood in Austria’s Bregenz Forest, Susanne Kaufmann has developed an affectation for Alpine herbs’ healing potential at a young age. Thus, it only seemed logical creating a range of organic beauty products when she opened a spa at the Hotel Post Bezau.

Spanning more than 60 items, the product line’s highlights include the nourishing Hand Cream (50ml/€29.00) which contains mallow and broccoli oil amongst other things. The cream promises to absorb quickly and calm stressed skin. Another good aimed at usage on the body is the deacidifying Alkali Salt (60g/€13.00). It works especially well as a body scrub and in (foot) baths, propelling the skin’s natural regenerative process.

If your concern is with the face, Susanne Kaufmann offers just about anything from anti-ageing to sensitive skin products. The Enzyme Peel (50ml/€45.00) stands out from the line due to its principle of removing dead cells through fruit acids rather than abrasives which can damage the skin’s outermost layers. In case of badly flawed skin, the brand’s clarifying Active Agent Concentrate (30ml/€71.00) contains an effective mix of ingredients fighting bacteria and restoring the skin’s natural balance – a true miracle cure for acne damage or the like.

All products are produced in Bregenz and bottled by hand.

Images by
Susanne Kaufmann,
Dudarev Mikhail/