Stewart & Claire

Organic lipbalms made in Brooklyn

Stewart & Claire is the latest Brooklyn-based brand to break out onto the beauty scene. While the words ‘small-batch’ and ‘artisanal’ are most commonly associated with food products, Stewart & Claire has carried this ethos over to their exceptionally curated collection of lip balms.

The husband-and-wife duo behind the brand, Kristin Donnelly and Philip Cooper, whose middle names are Claire and Stewart, first came up with the idea over martinis. With backgrounds in the culinary world – Philip is a wine representative, musician, and cocktail connoisseur, while Kristin used to be the senior food editor at Food & Wine – it’s no surprise that the pair were able to develop the perfect lip balm. Slightly waxy, the long-lasting lip balms leave your lips feeling silky-smooth.

“I’m coming from the food world where ingredients are of utmost importance. Restaurants tell you which farms the ingredients come from and eating organic, or at the very least, pesticide-free, food is the ideal,” Kristin says. “When setting out to make a lip balm, I knew I wanted it to be all-natural. Many of the ingredients I use are unrefined, so their natural aromas come through.”

Currently, there are seven lip balms, with subtly scented flavors, like Old Fashioned, which is remarkably similar to the classic bourbon cocktail, thanks to a fragrant combination of cedar, bitter orange, and vanilla, and Spring, which uses the essential oils of tarragon for its fresh, clean aroma. All the balms are hand crafted in their Brooklyn apartment, using organic oils, butters, and beeswax in lieu of artificial ingredients.

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“Beauty is following the food movement this way,” Kristin notes. “I think more companies will start thinking ‘farm to face.’”




Founders of Steward & Claire

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Kristin Donnelly and Philip Cooper







Images by Steward & Claire,
Vince M Camiolo