Organic Eatery Munich – Part 1

Munich has always been known as the capital of traditional Bavarian and rustic food. However, recently the white and blueish land of beer and pretzels turned into a rawlicious paradise for holistic health and food lovers. Let’s dip into the organic niches and indulge our taste buds with some wholesome food.


Organic Eatery Munich - Gratitude - inside text - horizontal

The best place to taste the goodness is located in „Maxvorstadt“, which is referred to as the university and museums quarter. In between alternative bars and fine museums you can also find the Gratitude restaurant, which is patterned on the American „Cafe Gratitude“ – the mother of celebrating the greatness of our lives through food. Walking by the restaurant casting a glance inside, you’ll see a crowded dining room with people sitting over a glass of wine. Alongside the standard vegan menu, smoothies (you may want to add your favorite spirulina, acai or any other superfood) and a variety of raw desserts you can also have the best kelp noodle salad in town. The best attitude is gratitude!

Tuerkenstrasse 55
8099 Munich
t. +49 89 88982174


Organic Eatery Munich - Superdanke - inside text - horizontal

If you don’t pay attention you may overlook the nutritious treasury, which lies hidden behind a little shop on whose window „Superdanke“ is written in big thin letters. Opened in 2014, Superdanke is specialized in „Organic Liquids“, also known as Green Smoothies. Greens, fruits, water, nut milk and superfoods are tenderly processed to delicate companions such as Johnny Kale or Popeye Punch. Everything is vegan, organic and – of course – cold pressed, so that you can taste the whole richness of minerals, vitamins and diatry minerals.

Tuerkenstrasse 66
80799 Munich
t. +49 89 18904246


Organic Eatery Munich Nude- inside text - horizontal

„Nudo“ comes from latin nudos, meaning “naked”. Naked because there’s nothing to hide. For the owners, sustainable lifestyle is more than a trend – it’s an attitude and food is the fundament of a happy life, therefore all products are organic and preferably regional. Even if Nudo’s key dishes are salad and pasta, you should not miss out to allow yourself a piece of their chocolate tart!

Amalienstrasse 53
80799 Munich
+49 89 55060019

Images by Gratitude, Superdanke, Nudo