Makeup For The Contemporary Woman: Kjaer Weis

Glamorous Cosmetics That Have It All

While the world is filled with wonderfully beautiful things, more often than not, it is the opposite of beauty that ends up in our beauty products. These are the cosmetics that we paint our faces with day in and day out; shouldn’t they be made from awesome ingredients doing our skin good? Of course!

Danish-born, Kristen Kjaer Weis took note of this problem, being a veteran of countless magazine covers and fashion shoots. Time and time again, women would sit in her makeup chair, complaining about their regular beauty products and how they were irritating their skin. She started thinking to herself, “If these products are causing short term effects like breakouts and rashes, then what would the long term effects look like? There had to be another choice.”

It was in those moments that she set out to launch Kjaer Weis, a forward thinking cosmetics line that recognizes health and beauty to be equally important in cosmetics. It took 8 years to develop, because Kristen quickly learned how difficult it was to find natural and organic alternatives that were able to achieve the same results as their chemical overloaded equivalent. What emerged after those years is truly a magnificent cosmetics line that marries Eco-friendly values, bold and beautiful hues, creating something for the chic contemporary women.

Having the opportunity to fully experience the brand firsthand, I can honestly say that Kristen embodied the sustainable look of luxury coming from every angle of each beauty product.

The presentation of the cosmetics is unlike anything I have experienced before, taking makeup to a whole new level. Each product comes beautifully packaged in a red lacquer box, reminiscent of something jewelry would be delivered in. Once opened, you are instantly exposed to the bold metal compacts, highlighted with the “KW” logo in white enamel. The compacts each feature the color of makeup and product that you ordered, and refills are available for reorder –making the case 100% socially responsible.

Upon opening the cases, you are instantly struck with the beautiful fragrance that each product has. Applying each product to your skin is a seamless process as it glides on with ease, and each pigment is simply luminous.

For fall, Kjaer Weis is bringing back old Hollywood glamour with their first brilliant red lip tint, Lover’s Choice ($49), Embrace Cream Blush Compact ($56), and their Green Depth Eye Shadow ($45). Each piece flawlessly works together to create a feminine look with just a touch of drama.

Founder of Kjaer Weis


 Kirsten Kjaer Weis



Images by Kjaer Weis