Katharina Zimmermann, Copenhagen

What is your favorite organic product? 

Katharina: The hair care products by PHYTO make your hair look healthy, shiny and voluminous at the same time. I particularly like the Phytobaume Conditioner – I use it almost everyday.


What is your favorite ‘green’ dining venue in Copenhagen? 

Katharina: I love to go to Grød (“porridge” in English). You can choose from a selection of different blends and toppings. My favorite is roasted almond porridge with caramel. They also serve yummy risotto for lunch or dinner.


What is your favorite hangout spot in Copenhagen?

Katharina: On a sunny day I like to go to Toldboden. It is a restaurant/bar, where you can relax on a deck chair next to sea and enjoy a glass of wine.


Hair care products by PHYTO



Stand A8, Linnésgade 17,
1362 København


Images by Katharina Zimmermann, Grød, Toldboden