James Samuel And Christian Roman, Founders Of INTENSAE

What is your favorite organic product?

Christian: I’m a big Organic Coconut Oil supporter. You will always find a jar in my bag when we’re traveling.

James: Apple Cider Vinegar I use it on my skin and I also mix a small bit with water and drink it.


What is your favorite green hang-out spot?

Christian: I still love going to Daylesford (Westbourne Grove) and of course Whole Foods! It’s like heaven!


What is your favorite getaway?

James: A tropical beach usually does the trick.

Christian: I agree, beach and sun really helps. And palm trees…that’s all I need.



Intensae Nailpolish

Lucy Bee Raw Coconut Oil (£9.99/500ml)

Raw Health Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (£2.50/500ml)

Daylesford Westbourne Grove

208-212 Westbourne Grove
Notting Hill
London W11 2RH


Images by Luce Bee, Intensae, Raw Health, Daylesford