Bóas Kristjánsson, Fashion Designer, Reykjavík

What are your favorite organic products?

Boas: I like blending organic bananas, berries, coconut or date sugar and hemp protein to make a fresh smoothie.
Also I love Pocket Yoga. I take it with me anywhere and do most of my yoga at home.


What is your favorite green hang-out spot?

Boas: I enjoy having dinner at Gló. They try to be as farm-to-table as possible supporting Icelandic farmers.


What is your favorite getaway to relax?

Boas: Lake Mývatn! My mother grew up there.
I love taking a boat out with my brother to go trout fishing or climbing into an underground lava pool to bathe and hangout.


Pocket Yoga App
A yoga instructor on your mobile!


Gló Restaurants
Chef Solla has published three books and given a lot of classes and talks, both in Iceland and in L.A. and other parts of California promoting healthy eating.

Lake Mývatn



Images by Bóas Kristjánsson, Gló, Shutterstock, Pocket Yoga