Alia Kandoussi, Singer at Travelin Jack and Tattoo Artist, Berlin

We asked Alia for her favorite places to hang and favorite organic food to eat

What is your favorite green hang-out spot in Berlin?

I love to go to vegetarian & vegan restaurant Seerose at U-Bhf Südstern! Even my non-veggie friends love the atmosphere and it is quite affordable.


What is your favorite organic product?

I love all of the organic bread spreads by Zwergenwiese. They are delicious!


What is your favorite getaway?

The fields in Lichtenrade are great if you need some calmness but don’t have the time to travel to far from Berlin. Otherwise I love the Baltic Sea in Eastern Germany, the white sand beaches are so beautiful and relaxing.







Get inked at Alia’s tattoo store Iron Cobra in Berlin

Petersburgerstraße 96
Berlin, Germany



Travelin Jack are regularly playing live especially in Berlin. For updates check their Facebook page!


Images by Robin Roger, Robert Eichhorn, Travelin Jack