Mini Rodini

Sustainable brand inspiring children´s creativity with stylish prints and colors

In general, I find small children to be pretty adorable. That is, until they start whining in a crowded restaurant or throwing temper tantrums on the busy streets. Imagine, though, that the kid in question resembled a scaled down version of their unpretentiously cool looking parent. Even when they’re purple in the face from screaming, how could you not find that to be painfully cute?

Mini Rodini does just that with their collection of children’s clothing, which ranges in size from infant to 11 years. Founded in 2005, the brand was created with the intention of giving children imaginative clothing that would inspire their creativity, while also appealing to their parents’ sense of environmentalism and ethics. The clothing, which is made largely from organic cottons and other sustainable materials, features playful and brightly colored prints that are sure to please even the most finicky of children. Mom and dad will be pretty happy, too—although prices are slightly higher than, say, Old Navy, they still fall well within the range of reasonable, plus there’s the added benefit of peace of mind in knowing it’s a good product.


Images by Mini Rodini