Allison Cooper talks to Babyganics' founders Kevin and Keith about must-have baby products, parenting and the Babyganics story.

Bringing a new person into the world is ultimately a very exciting time for new parents, but we are always left in a world of worry! We want to make sure the new environment that we are bringing baby into is a safe and happy place, free of anything that could potentially harm them. When I became a new parent 6 years ago, I was so happy to come across Babyganics products, as it put my mind at ease, knowing that the products I surrounded my son with were safe.

Years later, having the opportunity to sit down with founders Kevin & Keith, and learn about how it all started was a rewarding experience!

Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired you to start Babyganics?

Kevin: My wife and I were starting to plan for our first baby and to be totally honest we were scared out of our mind! With all the news and information readily available about chemical pollutants, dangerous contaminants, harmful ingredients and toxic substances in and around our homes, we wondered, and worried: How many of us are using products that we thought were safe, but were actually putting our little ones in harm’s way? We started to imagine the many ways we could build an isolated and protective bubble around our homes and our family. But this wasn’t the way we wanted to parent.  So I set out to develop products that would allow us to feel good about the home we raised our little ones in, a baby-safe home!

Did you ever think that Babyganics would flourish to where it is today? What do you see for the future of the brand?

Keith: One can only hope–and work hard. And Kevin and I did both! We are thrilled with where the company is today and very excited for our future. Babyganics’ future is to continue making baby products that use the safest ingredients available, products that are attainable for every mom and dad and products that work insanely well!

Do your children ever get involved in the creation or need of new products?

Keith:  Definitely, our families (wives and kids) are test subjects for new formulas and packaging—it’s so much fun!  As we grow as parents we uncover new parenting scenarios that require new products. We are also constantly looking for ways to ADD benefits to products that can enhance our children’s environment, skin, anywhere that they touch. The Neo-Nourish solution is one example of this.

It’s wonderful how every product is so baby-safe! Can you tell us a little bit more about the development NeoNourish® and why it’s an essential in your products?

Kevin: We wanted to make sure we weren’t just focusing on what our products don’t have. NO statements are so important, but what about added benefits? Babies skin is one very sensitive thing. We developed Neo-Nourish to help support baby’s developing skin. This anti-oxidant and vitamin rich solution is in every product that touches a babies skin, so they have a complete skincare regimen that helps to support, nourish and protect their sensitive skin.

What products are your “must-haves” for the back-to-school season?

Babyganics Hand Sanitizer

Kevin:  Our Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer is a no-brainer. This foaming hand sanitizer is school and baby-safe because we skip the alcohol (who wants to put that around their kid anyway?!) and still fights 99.9% of germs. It’s available in travel size, wipes and single packets, convenient to have on-the-go and in the backpack, at daycare and everywhere in between.

So whether you have a new baby at home or full grown children, there are Babyganics products to fit your growing needs as a parent.



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Babyganics founders Kevin and Keith




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